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26 Nov

What is Pent Roof Concrete Garage?

Published by Barbarabruker  - Categories:  #concrete garages, #precast concrete garages

What is Pent Roof Concrete Garage?

The Pent Roof Concrete Garages are more popular in the UK due to their main feature of draining from front to rear. This offers one of the practical solutions for water drainage system. It has a rear ground sloping roof of heavy duty non asbestos fiber cement, and is usually fixed to heavy duty painted steel trusses meters.

Flexibility: The Pent roof can be designed in different sizes and finishes

The Pent Roof garages offer flexibility of size and finishes due to its exclusive design features. Such type of garages does not require permission from the planning department, as their height is limited to a maximum of 2.5. However, you can exercise your choice according to your taste from several designs of latest garages with the latest amenities.

Today, most of the modern penthouse garages are used as an extra living room of the house, or sports recreation center, place for organizing small parties, or as a mini bar of the house. The precast concrete garages are most in demand in recent times, because of its aesthetic look, cost economy etc.

These types of garages can be easily erected within a very short time as per your need. The ready-made pre fabricated elements of reputed brand are easily available to meet your requirement. The roof is made up of heavy duty prefabricated concrete panels mounted on top of the garage, supported by a sturdy wall.

If you compare this type of garage with other types and styles of garages like steel or wooden roof garages, the prefabricated garages are cheaper. The precast concrete garages are becoming more costly, because the cement concrete mixes requires to be poured on the site of construction.

Concrete garages North West- a brief survey

There are a number of building Construction Company in North West, who specializes in supplying various types of elements used in the construction of building and garages. This element comes in different shapes and design at different costs .Some of these companies also offer you complete erection services to the best of the client’s satisfaction. You can feel free to contact one of them for any sound advice for your upcoming building project without any hesitation, as they would be happy to serve you in the best manner. In the modern world, most of the construction companies are adopting latest of technology in their construction project.

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