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26 Nov

Why MOT is important in the UK

Published by Barbarabruker  - Categories:  #Commercial MOT, #engine diagnostics

Why MOT is important in the UK

The MOT or Ministry of Transport Test is a mandatory annual test relating to safety and road worthiness of vehicles driven on public road. The exhaust emission test is necessary in order to access the pollution limit. The MOT test certificate is issued by the Vehicle (VOSA) under the department of transportation.

Utility of MOT

Some of the reputed car garages, accredited with the transport department in the UK are also authorized to issue the MOT certificate after performing required tests on the vehicle. However, any individual or agency can make application with the VOSA for running the MOT station after satisfying laid down criteria by VOSA.

The list of tests required for MOT certification include tire check, windscreen wiper and washer check, direction indicator, brake light, horns, and exhaust system, body structure and chassis check, emission level check for diesel and petrol vehicle, rear wheel bearing, steering, seat belt etc with complete engine diagnostics.


It is illegal in the UK to drive vehicles on the road without a valid Commercial MOT certificate. The possessing valid MOT certificate is a prerequisite for obtaining a tax discount. The driving of a dilapidated car in dangerous condition on the road is a punishable offense.

The MOT test does not cover the condition of engine, clutch and gearbox. Several reputed car station services are also authorized to issue the MOT certificate, if the vehicle meets the laid down parameter on payment of the testing fees.

The best part of this service station is that it attends to all faults in the car required to be rectified, minimizing the down time of your car and also help you in getting the MOT certificate speedily without any hassle with help of a service station mobile mechanic.

This fully automated test garages are accredited with statutory authority in the UK as such certificates issued by them are accepted all over the England

Many commercial vehicles plying on the road also require MOT certificate certifying their road worthiness. All commercial vehicles of more than three years old are required to undergo a road worthiness test in order to obtain a tax discount, which is essential for plying vehicle on the road. The vehicle failing to pass the MOT test or quality engine diagnostics is not issued with the road worthiness certificate.

Nowadays, almost all cars comes with safety belts and air bags in the cars, from the point of safety of the passenger and drivers, it is most essential that these two safety features function smoothly in the vehicle. The vehicles with such safety features are not permitted to ply on the road. The UK transport department is following the rules very stringently, keeping in mind, the safety of the drivers and its passenger.

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