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06 Jan

Waste Disposal Essex Services for Managing Your Waste

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A prime requirement these days is proper disposal of interceptor waste. Failure to dispose of waste effectively leads to critical illnesses. It is ideal for us to reuse items and recycle waste. However, most of this work is undertaken by waste management businesses. After collecting all the waste, it is sorted out and then recycled or thrown away. So what do waste disposal Essex companies do with the waste?


Disposing waste material by burying is one of the oldest and common ways of disposing rubbish. Many places in the world have landfill sites. Some of these may be used for managingwaste or processing by first sorting followed by treatment of the waste and ultimately recycling. The most effective ones are sanitary landfills where low lying areas are used as a dump site. Waste is first spread out into a thin layer then compacted before adding another layer on top. Once about 10 ft. of waste is compacted, soil is added on top and flattened out again. This allows the waste to undergo biodegradation. As this takes time and may release harmful gases, proper care needs to be taken. Such sites also need to be away from human dwellings.


Waste treatment methods involving high temperatures are also known as thermal treatments. The waste is converted into gas, heat and ash. This method reduces a large amount of waste to an incredibly small amount within a short time. Heat produced by this method can also be used as a source of energy.


This remains the best way to get rid of waste. It helps create waste materials into new items without utilizing fresh materials; thereby saving energy. Waste collection should be done on a regular basis and efforts employed starting from small localities to bigger areas. It should be noted that solids, fats and oils reach the sewers and create a back flow. They are a major part of kitchen waste water and need to be prevented from entering sewer lines. Grease interceptors can be used where more food is processed on a daily basis such as in restaurants. Any waste disposal Essex company will be able to regularly clean up the interceptor.

Visit the Ashwaste Environmental Ltd. website to see a list of services they provide with regards to disposing off waste.

waste disposal

waste disposal

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