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29 Mar

Avoid Careless Waste Disposal Essex for a Healthy Living!

Published by Barbarabruker  - Categories:  #waste disposal Essex, #septic tank emptying Epping Essex

We all know how important it is to dispose off waste properly. However, many people take waste disposal Essex lightly.

Solid waste


This includes all the waste you throw into your garbage bin. The waste you generate daily can be classified into two types- biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Paper, food items and items that can decompose are a part of the biodegradable waste. Plastic, glass, rubber, etc. are items that cannot decompose and hence, are termed as non-biodegradable waste.

Get two separate bins and throw waste into the corresponding bins everyday. You must call on a professional waste disposal company in Essex to empty the bins regularly. Make sure you keep the bins covered. You certainly don't want flies, rats or other insects and animals to feed on garbage and spread diseases. Consider washing and drying the bins in the sun once in a while.

Liquid waste

This includes all the waste that goes down into your drains. At any cost, avoid dumping grease and oil into the drains. This clogs up the septic tanks and inlet drains. This will lead to foul odours too. Moreover, a septic tank emptying Epping or Essex company will face trouble trying to empty the tank properly. Non-biodegradable items must never be let into the drains as they will clog up. Make sure that you don't let an uncontrolled amount of food particles into the drains. While you may feel that pouring chemicals and pesticides into the drain will resolve some or all issues, they may cause harm too. So refrain from doing this. Leave these chores to the experts- a septic tank emptying Epping or Essex company.

While we do acknowledge the benefits of disposing waste properly, we do little or nothing in this regards. By actually doing something, we can help make the environment better and stay healthy too.

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